Monday, November 19, 2012

Weird Science

We took it to the science museum this weekend...


The boys would like to walk you through the GI tract

E and T are getting ready to enter the esophagus
Caleb sliding into the stomach
E and T crawling through the intestines

Eli has been pooped out!
This exhibit is called Grossology, where Caleb spent most of the time scared out of his mind!

that creepy pig in the background was one of many things that scared Caleb
C sticking close to papi
We couldn't use the entrance to enter because the minute Caleb saw that doll (which moves) he freaked out and was hysterically screaming and clinging to us. Hearing Caleb scream scared Eli so much that he started freaking out too. So here we are exiting through the entrance and trying to prevent Caleb from looking at it again. 

this is how my hair looks after 2 hours of chasing the boys around : )  
Phil and I were talking the other day about how the boys live such privileged lives. We don't mean fancy cars or a big house because if you haven't noticed we have none of that but rather all the fun things they do on a weekly basis. Going to museums and the zoo for both of us as kids was a once a year occurrence at best. Now we not only live a short 10 minute drive to the Children's Museum, Zoo, and science museum but we have memberships there too! And I must add that two out of the three memberships we got almost for free, all we had to do was show them one of Phil's pay-stubs, HA! Not only that but they have mom by their side every single day, I used to hate being away from my mom as a kid and would DREAD Thursdays since she had to work a double shift that day. Not to mention two best friends that go everywhere with them too : ) I tell you these boys have it all!

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nan cee said...

I love the tour through the Grossology exhibit and loving Eli being pooped out. He has that look of what happened? It is so nice that you are able to spend quality time doing fun things and going on tours with the boys!
Love you all,