Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tulip Festival 2013

group shots weren't going to be coming easy today...well are they ever?
with my three little ducks : )
E clogging it up!
Best grin of the day goes to Eli!

the guys
I love this picture, wish I had thought to take my sunglasses off, it would have been a framer!
Dith? (this)
my three lovelys : )
so beautiful!
up they go

final group shot try, they are waiting for me to hand them mints.
Bribery, it sort of works : (
Cute little video of Caleb with a lady bug he found. Translation for what he says, "spider spider, WOW"

The boys let out a weeks worth of energy out in a matter of 3 hours! They were moving so fast we couldn't hardly keep up with them. Last year at the tulip fest we got much better pictures of them since they weren't nearly as fast! It was a beautiful day at 75 degrees and not a single cloud in the sky (not the best for pictures though). Till next year!


mary said...

Group shots with our three kids are usually an epic fail.

I am actually impressed with how your boys generally smile and look at the camera.

Jonalyn said...

I'd have started screaming if my kid came up to me saying "arana"! :) What a beautiful day you guys picked to go!

nan cee said...

I would have loved being with you in that beautiful setting with all those tulips! I hope the lady bug survived!
Love you all,