Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anniversary Weekend!

We started off the weekend by giving the boys haircuts
I was brave this time and went longer on the top and shorter on the bottom.
It's hard to do on a wiggly child but was able to do a decent job.
Our friend K watched the boys for 6+ hrs while we went gallivanting around Portland on our bikes (what a nice friend we have!). Our first stop was the Mississippi Street fair where we hipster watched, listened to live music, ate sushi and drank sake cocktails. After that we stopped in at a microbrewery and enjoyed a Portland delicacy. Then to finish off our date we ate Lebanese food at one of our most favorite restaurants in Portland before riding back home : ) 
The next day we took the boys to ride their bikes, we could hardly keep up with them! 
The boys are balancing machines, they can balance (no feet on the ground) for crazy long stretches!
I tried getting a group picture but for what ever reason Eli did not want his picture taken
...and whack!
We live just minutes from the beach! (albeit a river beach, ha!)
The other day T and E made up this game where they would stuff bubble wrap into a plastic bin...
and they would carry it to the other end of the house...
and dump it, repeat!
Back and forth they must have done it a dozen times
Good team work!
Just a cute picture at the park
From this morning, it's gonna be HOT so we're dressed to beat the heat!


Jonalyn said...

Looks like you had a great day! And I love the "game" the boys invented. Whatever entertains them :)

nan cee said...

Great game idea! I wonder what they had in mind when playing it.
Love to you all,