Monday, July 1, 2013

Kids Party!

A friend from our hall decided to throw a congregation kids party and oh my was it fun and indulgent! I'm glad the boys had a big healthy lunch before the party because I can only imagine how many more sweets would have been consumed otherwise! My contribution to the party was rice crispy treats and water balloons. So the boys started off with several rice crispy treats before moving on to gobs of ice cream but the indulgence doesn't stop there...

The boys aren't normally ball fans, they have several at home but rarely get played with. But this simple $1 beach ball was the most amazing thing ever, according to them?! You just can never predict what they'll like and won't like.
Eli again
A group pose, ECT
The kids built Noah's ark and got their faces painted as their favorite animals.
Guess what animal the boys wanted to be?
Once the ark was built guess who decided to bust through a wall?! Of course, one of my boys (Thomas)!
But the ark was rebuilt!
Over 50 water balloons that took me over half an hour to fill up, gone in 5 min!
Double chocolate cake at the end of the party, glad we passed on the Capri Suns!
I took home three little kittens! (Thomas)
When we got home I gave them their goodie bags from the party and what do you know was in there?
Suckers! Yay more sugar!!!
We skipped nap so we could go to the party but Thomas just couldn't make it till bed time : )
Sugar and all it was an awesome party, I hope it becomes a yearly occurrence : )

So here is a little parental fail, do I stop to pick up my fallen child or just keep going?
I felt bad for not stopping but I figured dad was behind if needed : )

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nan cee said...

What a great party. Love the kitty faces.
Love to you all,