Monday, July 8, 2013


Don't be fooled by the clouds, it was actually really bright and warm. We all wore our sunglasses and never took them off (except for Oscar), I didn't even realize it until I came home and looked through all the pictures, sunglasses sunglasses everywhere!

Can you guess what size those swim trunks are?
Can you guess what size those rash guards are?
This might be the only time in history were such disproportionate sizes have been worn.
The rash guards (shirts) are size 3T and their swim trunks are 6-12mo! Those shorts have served us well for 3 years.
I think I'll retire them after this summer : )
There was a little creek that drains into the beach, it was perfect for the boys to play in!
Caleb after he fell on his back and got all wet, it felt pretty chilly then!
Warming up my Caleb, love!
This family picture feels like it's out of an episode of Raising Hope, the theme this year is...Sunglasses!
Eli and I found the gang after we fell behind on our walk to the other end of the beach.
T and pops, T had to ditch his clothes after falling into a deep tide pool!
Our friend K and Eli, he got a little chilly after getting too wet
How cute are we!?
Caleb and pops
Eli found a really cool stick!
The boys
It amazes me what a difference a year makes, last year at the beach the boys kept us on our toes the entire time and the last thing we could do was relax because they kept trying to run straight into the ocean! At least in Hawaii the water was warm, calm, clear and shallow so there was not much to worry about as long as you  could see them. The Oregon coast is the complete opposite so last year we could hardly let go of their hands. This year the boys were so much easier to look after since they were more cautious and stayed close by. I cannot tell you how much they loved going to the beach this time around, we live about an hour and a half away but we hope to go back soon!

Phil and I burned the midnight oil last night to get the boys beds done. The last thing we did was stain the wood and since we had to let it dry at least 24 hours the boys first time to sleep in them will be tonight at bed time! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share with everyone : )


Jonalyn said...

I miss living so close to those cold, windy beaches! How nice it was easier for you this time around. :)

Aracely said...

Omygoodness! cant wait to see them enjoying their new big boy beds! I soo want to go to that beach!