Monday, July 22, 2013

Water Crazies

Our friends invited us over for dinner at their swanky condo on the waterfront, the boys had a blast playing with the pool and running along the promenade. They also ate a ton...and so did I! Mmmmm carne asada, more please : )
On our way!
The boys got the water crazies along with their little buddy!
The water was a bit too chilly so everyone was reluctant to get in
Caleb's got that crazed 2 year old toddler look!
Awesome view of the Fremont bridge!
Playing a little ball after dinner
some more running around
The boys liked running along the high ledges. (C)
Running after the ball

Caleb the thrill seeker! UP...
...and down!
Walking back well past our bed time! (That's me in the far right!)
The best way to end the night is with Go Dog Go for the 50,000th time!
And here is a video of the boys getting the water crazies...there's lots of excitement, silly faces, and a few falls...but it's also 5 min long so this is mostly a video for grandparents and aunties : )


nan cee said...

According to the GREAT video they boys had a blast! Love the belly flop!
Love you all,

Jonalyn said...

Man, what a gorgeous place to live! Love the pic of Papa reading to the boys. :)

Aracely said...

Los Amo!! Love all the happy screaming and laughing from Caleb...and the diddle diddle diddle from Eli(which i rewinded and saw several times ha ha) Soo cute when Thomas fell! I saw the first time he seemed mildly disturbed cause water got in his eyes o se asusto..the second time he got up and struted... LOVE LOVE LOVE ..Hermosos!

Kate O'Connor said...

I nominated you for the Liebster award!! Follow this link to find out more...