Monday, July 29, 2013

Keepin' It Local! (2yrs+10mo!)

2 years + 10 mo old!
 We kept it local all weekend long, we didn't get in the car once! (actually we did but it was just to pick up some take out). The boys aunt Janet came to visit and we've had tons of fun. The following pictures will tell you the story...
Waiting for the choo choo (light rail), it was very exciting for the boys. While Phil went on a 73+mile bike ride, aunt Janet and I went to Saturday market downtown with the boys. 
I didn't plan on the boys wanting to get wet but of course when ever I don't bring their swim wear they do!
They ended up in their underwear...
Having a snack after getting the water crazies and entertaining the crowds
Then a little walk along the waterfront
As we walked home our neighborhood was having it's annual street fair, we stopped to watch a little bit of a dog costume competition. And then made one last stop to the fancy bottle shop to pick up some beverages for dinner, Thomas here shows you the fine selection we have just around the corner from home : )
Our neighborhood park was playing The Lion King that same day, so after naptime and dinner we headed out to the park for pre-movie music and free popcorn. 
Here's the gang, aunt Janet, Phil (making a weird face), and the other Phil. Boy were the guys tired after that long bike ride!
The boys ate their weight in pop corn, man they sure like that stuff!
Aunt Janet THOUGHT she was going to eat ice cream...I don't call them hyena's for nothing!

I didn't realize how late it gets dark so the movie didn't start till 9:30pm. After making it through the whole movie plus the walk back home, plus the boys wanting to eat a late night snack the boys didn't go to bed till 11:30pm! The boys didn't even seem tired when we finally put them to much energy!
We were hoping they'd maybe just once sleep in....
Nope! they were up bright and early at 7am. After a lazy morning we took the boys to "Sunday Parkways," this weekend it was in our neighborhood. In case you don't know what it is, they shut down all the streets to cars and everyone gets on their bikes and rides on a specific route. Along the way they have pit stops with vendors, music and kids stuff. In this picture we found some cool heavy equipment to drool over. 
Even though there were no cars on the streets we still made the boys ride on the sidewalk because they kept almost running into other bikers. 
According to aunt Janet's pedometer the boys rode about 6 miles and the grown ups jogged the whole way! 
I really regretted wearing flip flops and jeans!
After hardly being able to keep up with the boys and seeing how good they balance we are going to start saving up for pedal bikes (without training wheels), they will be sooo ready for them by next spring!
Aunt Janet is still here but leaves tomorrow, boo! But for the next four weeks or so we'll be having more family coming to visit, YAY! Mama Elda comes next followed by uncle Garrett, and then my sister. Fun times to be had!

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