Monday, January 25, 2016


The boys love to draw as is evident by the fact that we never have paper in this house. I buy a big stack and within a week it's gone. Thomas is especially good at it and many times figures out how to draw something and his brothers learn to draw it from him. I can only hope they've inherited their dads artistic talents but I guess time will tell. For now I try to take pictures of the stuff they draw so that in the future I can see their progression. Here are some samples of their work : )

The Titanic, drawn with 4 smoke stacks as in real life.
I love Caleb's dinosaurs
Grumpy cat?
Police double propeller helicopter
Another great dinosaur : )
Toy rocket ship ready to launch (I think by Eli)
The Titanic, drawn with underwater propellers like in real life.
Love the claws on this dinosaur
A tiny submarine
Still love drawing trains.
And check out the Titanic in the background, it's sinking : )
Thomas not only draws a side view but he also draws the front view

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nan cee said...

Looks like they all have talent and the pictures are good, made me smile!