Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow Day!

We woke up Sunday morning to a layer of snow on the ground and it was still coming down steadily. It's so beautiful when it snows so I took a quick picture of Thomas with the snowy background as proof. Then we all started getting ready for our meeting. The boys had all their clothes picked out and Phil was getting out of the shower when he announced that he had just gotten a message saying that our meeting was cancelled due to the snow. It was now officially a snow day! So we all got our snow gear on and headed outside.
Mr T is the only one that wanted the lions mane on his jacket : )
Kisses for my boys!
With papi ready for our walk in the snow!
They found a "mountain"
We thought we'd be too cold but we made it to the bluff and played a while here.
Overlooking the bluff.
Finally convinced them to try out making snow angels.
Then couldn't get them to stop making snow angels.
When we got home I was very ready to go inside and warm up but the boys stayed out and did some sledding for like another 45minutes!
Later at home... this is not Caleb, it's Puss In Boots!

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nan cee said...

Yes, the snow is pretty but not for me. Looks like you all had fun in it. I like it from inside through a picture window and a hot drink in my hand.