Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sickening

Sorry for the lack of updating, we've all fallen ill to the sickening (possibly the flu). I don't ever remember feeling this terrible before. At one point I questioned whether or not I was dying. Caleb started first one morning and the other two plus myself started the next day. It was two days of really high fevers, which I should add my boys hardly ever get fevers. I also got fevers and I too almost never get fevers. Those two days were spent under the covers watching tv for the boys. I spent it in the dark with my eyes closed listening to NPR because that's all I could stand to do. That was a couple days ago and we still aren't 100% but at least we aren't ravished by fevers anymore, ugh!

We went through this much of a brand new bottle of children's Tylenol in two days.
Our last bottle lasted us over two years!
I'm used to at most 101 not 103!
At what point do children start convulsing?!
Caleb getting ready for a haircut two days before the sickening struck him.
Looking so handsome : )
Caleb drew this adorable portrait of Phil and I.
I love the way he drew my hair!


nan cee said...

I had commented on your sickness but did something wrong so it was never saved. Hope you are all feeling better and PaPa didn't get it too.
Love you all,

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Yes! Finally starting to feel normal again : )