Monday, January 11, 2016

Little Reader

A couple of weeks ago I was working with the boys like I like to do twice a week (our little home school lessons if you will). We've been working hard with blending two letters (for example: ma, me, mi, mo, mu) and let me tell you it's been quite the challenge! Although it's most likely because I'm heading into this blindly and I'm figuring this out all on my own (can you believe there is no Hooked on Phonics in Spanish, sheesh!). Thank goodness for the internet and Pinterest, I would have never gone past letter sounds, ha! Anyways, so like I said a couple of weeks ago we were having a lesson and I was showing the boys flash cards of site words we've been learning. Eli knew them so well this time around that I got the idea to lay some flash cards out into sentences and you wouldn't believe it but Eli was able to read them! Right after I tried it with his brothers and while they know the words (like if I just showed them the flash card they can tell me what it says or they'll attempt to sound it out) when they see multiple words in a sentence, like I had them, they just get overwhelmed and can't read it. So anyway I'm very proud of Eli. Thomas is not too far behind while Caleb still needs some more leg work because he's struggling a bit more. My boys, like most identicals, always catch up to each other so I know the other two will get there too!

 Here is when I first tested him out (technically his second time reading this, so I could record it, ha!):


I still remember the first book I was able to read. It was a book I made in kindergarten about ladybugs (my thumbprints were the ladybugs) and I remember being so proud of myself. So that's were I got the idea to have to boys make their own simple books with words they are familiar with. Here is Eli reading his first book which he made himself :


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nan cee said...

Again, I admire you for your great work with the boys! Cleaver idea to have them write their own books. You get a gold star along with each of the boys.
Love to you all,