Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our New Ride (13 mo!)

13 months! (btw I'm doing this pic till they turn 2)

Our New Ride, The Joovy Big Caboose!

Took the sun shades off, don't need those for a while : (

I kind of jumped the gun on getting our next stroller, I get such a rush from getting a good deal and wining a bid on eBay. I was taking my time and wanted to get it used on craigslist but I stumbled on a seller on eBay that puts up a brand new Joovy Big Caboose once a week with the starting bid at $0.99! So I followed three strollers over a three week period and they all sold for way less than retail ($350). I won the last one for $265 (this includes shipping) not much more than what I would have paid for a used one! The resale value is really high so I don't think it will be a problem selling it after we are done with it. If anyone is interested the eBay seller is strollerstop. Here is the latest listing

What's so great about this stroller? It rides like a luxury car, turns on a dime and has room for all three of my boys! Two seats and one bench seat or standing option. Stadium seating gives all babies great views. It goes over bumps like nothing, the boys hardly feel it. The buckles on the five point harness are super easy to put on and the stroller collapses really easy. The bench seat is recommended for children 2.5 yrs or older but all my boys (13mo) have now ridden on the bench and they have done perfectly fine. We even heard someone say as we passed by say "what a great stroller."

The best part is that it attracts WAY less attention than my triplet stroller. People think and sometimes say 'twins!' I smile and keep walking and they keep looking of course. Then they notice the third baby on the bench seat and I faintly hear them say 'oh triplets!' But by then I'm too far for them to interrogate us : ) HAHAHA suckas! I'm so tired of always feeling like a traffic accident...

Cons, it's not much shorter than my triplet stroller, but it IS shorter. It doesn't fit in the back part of our minivan. It does however fit perfectly in the leg room of the middle section.

Phil asked, "this IS our last stroller, right?"
Me, "oh yeah for sure, I wasn't planning on getting the choo choo wagon (very popular among triplet families)."
Phil, "wait, but that's not a stroller."
Me, "did you want to get it?"
Phil, "heck yeah!"

Step2 Choo Choo Trailer -  Step2 - Toys"R"UsStep2 Choo Choo Wagon -  Step2 - Toys"R"Us

It looks like Phil has choo choo wagon envy, but that's gonna be his thing, pushing a stroller is a lot easier than pulling three stinky butts that are only gonna get heavier : )

Thomas has been Usurped!!! (12 month well child check up at 13 months)

All weighed and measured, eating lunch while waiting for doc to come in

Pops feeding Mr. T

Thomas doing a little dance, he forgot shots were next!

The boys' handsome young doctor, he was there when they were delivered so he's known them from minute one. I'm pretty sure the only reason we chose him as our pediatrician was because he looks so much like Bret from Flight of the Conchords : )

Caleb, all done with shots, what a good sport

Thomas has been usurped by Caleb, he lost his 'big boy' status! Caleb has had such a great appetite lately that it doesn't surprise me. Little Eli keeps his 'runt' status. They all went up on their percentiles too.

Caleb 18 lbs 11oz, 28.5 in 10th percentile for age (up from 5th percentile)

Eli 17 lbs 13.5oz, 27.75 in, 5th percentile for age (up from 1st percentile)

Thomas 18 lbs 9.4oz, 28.25 in, 10th percentile for age (up from 5th percentile)

Old Stomping Grounds

Since the boys turned a year already we thought we'd do the rounds of our old stomping grounds. After too many elevator rides, which made the boys freak out each time, we dropped off one year pics to the NICU, MBU (mother baby unit) and to say hi to my lactation nurse but she wasn't there : ( , then to my perinatologist, she wasn't there either : ( oh well at least they'll get to see the picture.

We asked and there haven't been any more triplets at the NICU, so the Pittsenbarger triplets legacy still stands!

We joked around and told the boys they were acting like preemies so we were taking them back to the NICU. They didn't think it was that funny : )


Jonalyn said...

That is a very cool stroller. I don't think I've ever seen one like it! Looks like the boys enjoy it. and the wagon would be totally cute to pull them around in at the zoo. :) But awww, poor little legs with bandaids on them!

Liz Clarke said...

Your Doctor does look like Brett from Flight of the Conchords. How funny.
Cool Stroller

Anonymous said...

Phil might want to check out the Step2 website. They are having a 25% off sale on the Choo Choo Train Was: $167.96 Now: $125.97 plus FREE Shipping.

JP said...

Cool, thanks!

nan cee said...

My how they are growing. Poor little man with all the bandaids :(
The stroller looks like a great one and Phillip can have a lot of fun with the choo-choo! Nice to keep up with your web. I always look forward to see the latest pictures and reading all about the boys.
My love to you all,
A. Nancy