Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bear Hugs

If you liked the video on my last post this one will melt your heart! Just try to ignore my dumb voice in the background <3 <3 <3

 Back, side, front: I don't know why I like this picture so much : )

 All the boys sporting their Mexican futbol jerseys that mama Elda brought them


 Went up to the rose gardens and stopped by the play ground

 Mama Elda with Eli
The boys were a big hit with some tourists from Saudi Arabia they even requested a picture with all three of the boys. I figured what the heck, it's not everyday you get to see identical triplets!

Caleb said 'eight' (perfectly pronounced) and 'thank you' twice (sounded like tay uuuu)! The hard part is getting them to repeat them selves, it's once or twice and they never say the same words again : (

Caleb climbed up a chair today for the first time all by himself! He's not even tall enough to do it but he uses his upper body strength to pull himself onto it. Big sigh!

I have been good about posting twice a week but since my mom got here we've been going all over the place so I haven't had time. My mom leaves tomorrow : ( so I'll do better next week : )

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Jonalyn said...

Sooo sweet! Glad you're having fun w/your mom. The boys are looking so cute in their sweaters & hats!