Tuesday, February 28, 2012

17 months!

I made these shirts as prototypes, I'm envisioning 2T plain colored hoodies each with a different cool monster of my own personal design : ) 
I love having triplets! And yes I obsess all the time about coordinating their outfits       : P

Caleb with mama Elda



The true triple hold is becoming too difficult these days!

My mom was out here last week and like I mentioned before it was go go go! We'd take the boys somewhere in the mornings to get their wiggles out and then after nap time we'd go and do some thing fun for us (like shopping!). I think we did too much though because I ended up terribly sick the last two days of my mom's visit, I'll explain it in a bit. As you can imagine there was plenty of kisses, hugs, and Spanish baby talk. After each unhealthy dose of Spanish baby talk the boys' would add a swagger to their step and they'd get all goofy, needless to say my mom left the boys sooo 'chiciados!' (sorry no English equivalent but you can kind of see it in Eli's face in the pic where he's with my mom).



If you're wondering were the boys got such cute outfits, they are hand me down's from another set of BBB triplets. Along with tons of clothes they gave us many sets of matching Nike's and Converse shoes that supposedly were used but they look brand new to me! The first set of shoes finally fit and I wanted to get a nice picture of them before my trio got them all grubby but didn't get the chance : ( Such generous folks, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We're back in business! There was a new Eebe's Adventures added to Netflix and I thought I'd give it a try and the boys loved it! We survived several months without t.v. so we'll keep our t.v. viewing to once a week now!
Caleb watching Eebe's from afar

The Breastfeeding saga continues...

I spent more than 24 hours with a fever I just couldn't kick, and then another two days feeling like I was going to die. I got a plugged milk duct that got infected and I'm on antibiotics now. This is my third plugged milk duct, and if you are wondering why you've never experienced this after successfully nursing your own children, well it occurs more frequently when nursing multiples (yay!). The first time only lasted a few hours. The second time, I dealt with it for close to a week, it got infected but I was able to overcome it without any antibiotics. They are soooo painful, to the touch and especially when nursing, I seriously almost started crying at one point. And can you guess what the best way to get rid of them is??? Massage (not the gentle kind) and nursing nursing nursing! I couldn't breastfeed on the affected side until I kicked the fever so I just pumped till I could stand to nurse. Seriously so painful. I'm feeling much better now and the duct is unplugged but I'm still quite sore not to mention the sharp shooting pains I feel for up to and hour after nursing. 

Current studies are showing that nursing (even just two or three times a day) to the age of two is still beneficial to baby's immune system and brain development. However, at this point I'm thinking the sacrifice is far out weighing the benefit. I DO NOT want another one of these again and I'm not entirely sure why I got it this time around. I have read that it can be a way for the body to tell you to slow down so this is my only guess since the babies had been nursing normally. The cause of my last one was obvious because the babies were sick and not wanting to eat, and we were in California so I didn't have my pump with me. 

Initially the antibiotics made my milk supply tank, so much so that for a moment I thought it might be the cause to an abrupt end to nursing. I was very sad and immediately started missing the close bond it gives me to my babies. This is not the way I had envisioned weaning, I wanted it to end my way when the time came. Since the start I had no idea if I'd be able to breastfeed successfully so I had no goals for when to stop, I was just playing it by ear so to speak. When I made it to one I thought hey maybe I can make to two! Thankfully my milk supply rebounded but I think it's time to start thinking about weaning sooner than two : (

Good day sirs!


Jonalyn said...

Wow, I'm so sorry you had another plugged duct! That's sooo painful! I think you're right, though, sometimes when you get those it's because you need to slow down. Anyway, LOVE the monster shirts! Those are too cute!

nan cee said...

You are certainly to be commended for nursing the little ones this long! I admire you for it! That picture looks like one of the boys heard you might quit instead of saying good day sirs! They are so adorable. Keep up the good work in teaching and training them.
My love and prayers are always with you,
A. Nancy