Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Crap! moment #12

Oh Crap! moment #12 brought to you by Caleb...

Looks like some furniture rearranging was in order

Walah! The boys fav new corner of the house

 Eli being a snuggly-wug with me : )

 Caleb looking so sweet but little do you know how much of a whippersnapper he is at home!

 "Now tell me what I can do to get you in this set of wheels?" Thomas practicing his used car salesman look

 The sacrificial book to see if the boys are ready to have full access of their books, that's a nay!

 Caleb got some new boo boos : (

Notice something strange about this picture? Expecting full out fighting and slipping I experimented to see how the boys would do without their bath seats. It was a 2/3rds disaster when Caleb and Eli freaked out because they didn't have their seats. Thomas seemed to do ok but he pretty much stayed in one spot as if he was in his seat the whole time. Looks like we're staying in our bath seats for a while longer, yay! : )

 I once found Eli with a pair of dad's shorts on and underwear on his head, I couldn't get the camera fast enough so here's the second best. In case you are doubting, yes he did this all on his own : )

Caleb and Eli did the sign for 'thank you' back to me when I prompted them for it, what polite boys!

Thomas was pretty miserable all day yesterday, I felt to see if he had any new teeth and couldn't feel anything. This morning I felt the tip of his new bottom left molar!


Jonalyn said...

Oh my goodness! Caleb!!! How many gray hairs did that give Mama?

nan cee said...

Well looks like Caleb is practicing to be a tight rope walker or a mountain climber. Or perhaps helping the other two to be alert for becomming a peramidic! Cute Eli is beginning with big clothes to learn how to dress himself! How funny is that! Oh what fun three times over!
Love you all,
A. Nancy

Angela said...

Oh Crap is right! I can't believe they are even walking! It's been too long since we've seen you! They are tooooo adorable! Hope to see you soon! Hugs!