Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hugs & Molars

Very very short video I promise...

Hugs among the boys are occurring more frequently, we didn't even teach them to hug each other, so this is true brotherly love : )

Last post I mentioned that Thomas got his first molar in but I hadn't realized that Caleb had cut two molars too. Let me write this down so I can keep this straight (I'll probably get tired of keeping track soon, HA!).

Eli: 4 up top all in the front in a row
      4 on bottom all in the front in row

Caleb: 4 up top all in the front in a row
          2 on bottom in the front
          2 molars on the bottom, left and right one

Thomas: 4 up top all in the front in a row
              3 on the bottom, the front two ones and the one his left
              1 molar on the bottom on his left

24 teeth altogether, AHHHHH!!!

 The boys are responsible water babies and read all safety materials provided. Next time you see these infant life jackets there will be clear blue water in the background and sand under their toes. Call me paranoid if you want but I call it a healthy fear of the ocean. Sympathize with me since I don't even know how to swim. 

 Fell right off the couch and landed like this. If only they could wear these all the time there would be no more head bonks!

No we will not be taking that umbrella with us!

Hawaii checklist
swim trunks 
life jackets 
sun hats...I'm on a mad search! Thankfully I still have a couple of months, grrrr!


Langlais Family said...

I just got a bunch of stuff for my boys at Sun hats galore! Check it out!!!
Renee L.

JP said...

Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out, I think I should also get swim diapers so I don't have to buy the expensive disposable ones too : )

Jonalyn said...

Awww, sweet hug. :)