Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Deconstructive Play

The boys are triplets today! That's what Phil and I call it when we dress them alike : )

Thomas is so funny!

Shoe Socks!

Do toddlers this age really play? Since having kids I've realized they don't really play, instead they destroy, destroy, destroy!!! Or to put it nicely I'll call it deconstructive play. They stomp, chew, bang drop, rip and throw whatever they get their hands on. While the babies nap I clear all the toys off the floor and put them away so that I can sweep up the floors. When they get up it only takes them about 5 minutes for the toys to be spread all throughout the living room again. We can see the second law of thermodynamics at work in this house, entropy at it's best! But the other day I actually got Eli interested in some constructive play. The novelty only lasted a few minutes but I got him to stack his blocks! 

Our progress with baby sign language is going painfully slow, probably my fault since I think I don't do it enough. Thomas and Eli know 'more' pretty well and we are working on 'eat' 'all done' 'gentle' 'thank you' and 'book.' Caleb like with many things is as stubborn as a mule, he refuses to do any signs. It took me a while to realize it but I think Caleb is actually trying to say 'more' because a lot of times he'll say 'maaa' 'maaa' 'maaa' which is close enough to 'mas' the spanish word for 'more' which I use more frequently than it's English counterpart. So maybe Caleb's plan is to skip sign language and just move on to actually speaking, we'll see I guess...

We had an adventurous Saturday, we had no plans but wanted to take advantage of the warm sunny weather, and by warm I mean mid 50's. Sadly we forgot the camera so I have no pictures to document it. We first headed to Forest Park and went on a short hike, we turned around when the terrain got too rough and steep for the stroller. Next we headed for a nearby neighborhood to take a walk and we ran into some friends that have a little boy close to the age of our trio. After walking and chatting for a bit we swung by a friends house to see their newborn baby boy (the same friend I threw the baby shower for). He was only 2.5 weeks old and oh so cute! I must add that even though he was so precious and sweet I realized that I SOOOO do not miss having newborns. The very thought of being pregnant again even with one baby makes me cringe! Whenever I get some random 'pregnancy' symptom a wave of shear panic and desperation runs through my body. Thankfully the boys are old enough that I don't have to worry about Irish quadruplets any more, 4 kids under the age of two, no thank you! Lets just say we are more than content with our three : )


Jonalyn said...

Oh my goodness, how handsome Eli looks! Well, they're all handsome. I just like what he's wearing. :) Glad you guys got to enjoy the rare winter sun!

mary said...

That first pic is a WINNER! Such great smiles from all three.

And yes, at this age the kids don't really "play" with most toys in the way that they are "supposed" to! Dumping out a bag/box/bucket of toys and creating a gigantic toy explosion is what it's all about.

You still have lots of time to try for four (or 5) under three. hehehe:)

nan cee said...

Three little men all look alike and as handsome as can be! When my two were small they always threw the toys out of the playpen right away so then I put them out of the playpen and the would throw the toys back in. It was a game we played. Might try it and see if they can learn to put their toys back from where they came!
My love to you all as always,