Friday, February 3, 2012


I found this old wooden horse at the goodwill bins years ago. It was falling apart and looking like it should go into the burn pile. I couldn't resist and thought it would look great in my house if only I could nurse it back to health. I bought it for a couple bucks and brought it home. I took it apart and put it back together with new nails and wood glue, sanded it, and painted it. I loved the way it looked in my home and now my boys can ride on it!

Some call Eli the wooden horse whisperer

Even though his feet don't even touch the bottom he can rock it like a pro, all by himself!

He does tricks too, the one handed crossover

No hands!

Favorites! a few of the boys favorite things...

Favorite Toys
  • anything new
  • anything that is not a toy 
  • the broken wii-mote 
  • cookie jar toy
  • their ride on cars 
  • a toy camera (mostly Caleb, he never lets go of it and unfortunetly it was causing too much contention among the boys so we had to take it away, my plan is to give it back to Caleb on our flight to Hawaii coming up : )
  • the Altoids tins
  • toy toolbox
  • the unused bulb bugger sucker
  • the tiny stuffed kitty (mostly Eli)
  • Shoes, I don't let them play with shoes but whenever they get the chance they will grab a shoe and start chewing on it, so gross!
  • our song book (Caleb is obsessed with it)
Favorite color
  • Only Eli has shown a preference for color. He only wants the orange toothbrush and orange sippy cup. Just like his mom his favorite color is orange!
Favorite Foods
  • Plain regular yogurt, it's a staple for these guys, I buy two big containers a week, they LOVE IT!
  • Cheddar cheese, they gobble this stuff up!
  • Blueberries, Thomas particularly loves them and will NEVER stop eating them unless I cut him off.
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Vienna sausages, gross I know 
  • Beans, after all they are half Mexican!
  • Oatmeal
  • Tater tots
  • Kix
  • Gram crackers
  • Sourdough pancakes, can you blame them? They are the best things ever and no other pancake comes close to their deliciousness. Their record was 9 pancakes between them. I'm making the effort to make them once a week now following papa Ed's tradition : )
Favorite Things To Do
  • Playing in their room
  • Climbing
  • Taking baths
  • pretending to drink water from their sippy cups and spitting out the water all over themselves and floor
  • Going out, anywhere, obviously we spend a lot of time at home : (
  • Taking things out of bags and putting things into the bags
  • Fighting and stealing toys from their brothers
  • Blowing raspberries with their mouths full of food to make their brothers laugh
  • Taking out food from their mouths, inspecting it, and then putting it back in

 Here we are at the baby gym
 After leaving the baby gym I couldn't resist the beautiful weather and put the boys into the swings for a while : )

Baby Updates

Thomas has been yelling in a really funny tone and pattern, after some thought it sounds a lot like the way I yell! 

Whenever his brothers are upset and cry, Thomas offers them whatever is in his hand, he's either really nice or just doesn't want to hear them screaming, ha!

Caleb has become quite the whippersnapper, he's so full of energy. It's especially evident at meetings where he refuses to fall asleep even though our meeting times are during the times when they would be sleeping. He won't sit still for very long and wants to play, so now instead of holding a calm or sleeping baby we are wrestling him the entire time! 

Thomas said 'caca' yesterday, and then within minutes I got Eli to say it. It's a word we use frequently and mostly to convey to the boys that they shouldn't put something in their mouths. I haven't been able to get either of them to say it again though. I excitedly told Philip about it when he came home and he replied, "three words so far before 'papa'!" 


nan cee said...

How fun to read about their favorite toys, colors and food. It sounds like Thomas is very thoughtful toward the other two. Like you said, either sympathitic or just trying to shut them up when crying. They are so adorable.
I love you all,

mary said...

Four things-

1. Isnt it crazy how much kids love things that aren't toys? Like big boxes or old toilet paper rolls?

2. Never tried sourdough pancakes. Sounds yummy.

3. That rocking horse looks really shiny and new. You did good.

AND 4. oh my oh my oh my the chewing on shoes phase just made my OCD innards convulse and quietly scream in pain. rough times. i had to hide away every pair of shoes (we used to have them all lined up by the front door) because i couldnt deal.

and love the haircuts! (guess that's 5 things).