Monday, December 3, 2012

Zoo Take II

We were headed to play somewhere dry when we realized the weatherman lied to us so we decided to go to the zoo again for some fresh air and exercise... 


Found a spot to warm up with some hot chocolate and eat our pb&j's 
Caleb ate his sandwich (minus the crust) then ate a small piece that Eli didn't want and then ate the sandwich that Thomas took two bites out of and then didn't want!  
E and I, I don't think they look like me and I don't think they look like Phil, is it possible they were switched at birth? (hahaha, jk to both but not really) : )  
T and I
going on a joy ride
hand over the milk and no one gets hurt!
Not too much to write about today but I'm working on a personality update so stay tuned!


nan cee said...

The weather man in Oregon lies a lot! Looks like they all had a good time at the zoo in spite of the weather. Love the picture with Phil and all three boys in the basket. I wonder how much longer they will be able to do that!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Love that hair in the last pic!!

mary said...

Love these pics! Those lil rainboots and raincoats are adorable on your men!