Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Personality Updates 2.0

Next time someone asks me how I can tell them apart I'm gonna say "the same way you tell your kids apart" they are just different!

Thank you L & M family for the cutest little shirts you ever did see!
Identical Triplets 2.0

There is no doubt about it, they are TWO YEARS OLD! Everything is getting just a little more difficult: diaper changes, leaving the park, getting them out of the bath tub, getting them to keep socks on, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes they out right get upset about something but most of the time it just turns into a game, like when I want to get their jackets on and they decide to play a game of 'you can't catch me.' Just when you think things are getting easier and then two comes along! Oh boy and it's just starting, also did I mention they've learned to climb out of their cribs, there goes nap time!!! I hope three is better : (

I'll still take the bad that comes along with it because the older they get the funner and funnier they are and of course more interesting!

What they are loving

They are CRAZY about trucks, cars, trains, airplanes and the like. They all love Sesame Street characters, especially Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. Of course anything Thomas & Friends. They love story time and I could probably read them books for an hour straight only my voice dictates I keep it to 20 minutes (30 minutes if I haven't been yelling all day, haha jk but not really). They love Thursday mornings because they get to watch the garbage man at work on our curb. They could play with Duplo Legos all day long. Riding their balance bikes for sure. At the park they could swing forever but my arms always get tired and I have to cut it shorter than their taste calls for. They don't seem to care for non-dude things, if it's something stereotypical to boys they'll probably like it. I have no qualms about getting them a doll if I thought they'd actually play with it but considering what they are into now I'm afraid they'd slap me in the face if I did! Build and destroy is their game, they are dudes, no question about it!

garbage truck!

Mr Charming from day 1 and continues to be. Caleb hands out smiles to anyone who pays him any attention. As an infant he was my easy going baby but then around 1 turned into my 'singleton' (the one that requires the most attention). Well it's come first circle and again he is my most easy going child. He goes with the flow and will adopted his brothers interests. Caleb seems to really like elephants for some reason, he always spots them out in books and toys. Can't wait to take him to the zoo again so he can see the new baby elephant that was just born! Caleb really enjoys drawing and does it for way longer than his brothers like to, I am hoping he'll have his dad's artistic talents : ) He is a mama's boy and I can snuggle him way longer than the other two will stand for. He has perfected the art of kicking his brothers out of my lap so that he can take their place! All the boys have really good attention spans when I read books to them but Caleb's is exceptional, he likes his stories! Caleb does the funniest body and facial gestures, he keeps us laughing all day long. I've noticed my self doing special little things for each boy that I don't do for the other two. This was not something I started doing consciously but rather just came to realize I was doing. For Caleb it's letting him get more than his fair share of snuggles, for example post nap I always pick him up last so I can snuggle with him on the couch while he wakes up completely (the other two have to work out their post nap crankies on their own).

I probably should have made him an elephant but I just really wanted to make an owl. I knew my easy going boy wouldn't mind one bit : )   
Caleb spotting an elephant statue

That boy is a whippersnapper, full of spunk and has plenty of gumption! Eli is assertive, he knows exactly what he wants and will give you a firm 'no' if you don't get it right. He can belt out the most horrifying blood curling screams (I am working to curtail this). He doesn't just like things but becomes passionate about anything he likes. He can hear the garbage truck coming from a mile away and let's me know so I can put him and his brothers up to the window to watch it. He is such a water baby and we have a hard time getting him out of the bath tub even when all the water has been drained! Eli is very affectionate, and loves to snuggle with no preference. He'll snuggle mom, dad, or anyone he likes. He is as smart as a whip and learns new things the quickest. He is most likely to test me with defiance, and if I catch him with somethings he shouldn't have or it's time to change his diaper he'll run like the wind. Phil has started calling him Velociraptor for it. Often times you'll see Eli holding a little pink pig, he'll just carry it around all day and sometimes takes it to bed with him. I guess he really likes pigs? Eli is very picky about color so our 'special little thing' is letting him pick first when there is more than one option. Some times I can guess what he will pick because his favorite color is yellow.

Made Eli a monster truck since he's totally into them, we've actually looked into taking them to a monster truck rally but then realized they are too expensive (not to mention redneck)
a boy and his pig : )

Sometime between when I weaned him and now he's become less of a daddy's boy and seems to prefer mama (but especially in the evenings for some reason). If we are all walking somewhere he has to hold dad's hand so there are still some signs of preferring his dad. Thomas is very independent and does not like to be helped unless he asks for it. He can play by himself for very long periods of time and builds the most elaborate trains with his Duplo's (he pretty much has a monopoly on 5 of the 7 train cars). Thomas is a hoarder and will walk around the house with his arms full of stuff that he doesn't want his brothers to have (it's actually pretty funny to watch). He is hard to figure out sometimes when upset. But even though he can be the most difficult at times he requires the least of my attention so maybe that's why he has several 'special little things' to his name. He gets to be front in center when I spoon feed the boys their breakfast cereal or oatmeal (yes we all eat trough style in the mornings, it's just easier that way). I always let Thomas sit on my lap for story time while the other two sit besides me. I always let him have the tiny little ducky first at bath time : ) And he's become my cooking sidekick since he loves to watch me cook dinner (and breakfast on the weekends). I like the company : )

we've called him Mr. T since week one
my cooking side kick, he likes to flip the pancakes : )
For some reason Thomas loves this shirt, I don't know why but he does . Aren't the dangly legs adorable!?


nan cee said...

Thank you, I enjoyed reading all about their individual personalities! Someday I hope to meet them and see you again.
Love to you all,

mary said...

Identical, yet so different! YOUR BOYS ARE SO STINKIN' CUTE!