Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nerdy Caleb

Sorry I haven't been doing my consistent twice a week posts but Phil's been taking a lot of time off and that usually means we're off having lots of fun and adventures so that doesn't leave me with much time to blog.
C, finally a dry spell! The boys were itching to get back on their bikes : )  
T looking debonair 
the boys chasing after strange dogs
"raise the roof, woo woo!" (Thomas is sooo 90's)

T looking so handsome
rare moment where the boys don't crawl all over the person that's trying to read to them 
nerdy Caleb, wearing a pair of dad's old glasses

won't they look cute when they start wearing glasses?

Lots of cute pictures are piling up, I have several 'oh crap!' moments to write about and need to write about our first real attempt at potty training. Much to come, so stay tuned!

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nan cee said...

The boys look so big and grown up on the bikes! Love the glasses!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy