Thursday, December 13, 2012


The boys watching an ambulance go by, they love their emergency response vehicles!
I want to mention some of the boys silly quirks...

We have about 6 or 7 of these little figurines. I always find them in random places; in the boys play fire station, in the trunk of their ride on cars, or where ever. The interesting thing is that they are always in groups of three! I think triplets are born knowing how to count to three : )   
This is a t-shirt I have and I wear a lot, not because I like it that much but mostly because the boys LOVE it. They point at each of the different cats and I imitate the expression it's trying to convey, angry, happy, excited, worried, etc. I can't get them to imitate the expressions themselves but if I ask what the third kitty from the left is doing Eli will tilt his head : )  
Lately my house looks like a grave yard for baby socks but especially the boys room. They never wake up from a nap with socks on! And as I mentioned it before it's not because socks bother their feet but because they like putting socks on their hands, silly boys! The last time I cleaned I recovered about 20 socks from all sorts of nooks and crannies in the boys room. 
These are some books where the boys only look at ONE page, can you guess why? I can't tell you how many times they come up to me with these books open to those pages so I can list off all the stuff on them.  
They looked at this page so often they ended up wearing it out!

I think the boys had a growth spurt because they are all looking a little taller and the 18 mo pants I switched them to don't fit quite as big as they used to (see pic above). We are officially done with 12 mo clothes! It only took us 2 years and 2 months (insert sarcasm)! Even our 18 mo footie pajamas are fitting a little snug (those are always the first thing we grow out of).

Some new words: roll (glad to see they are attempting 'r' words, I imagine it will be a while before they can roll a Spanish 'r' haha! no pun intended), stuck, stop, and knock-knock. Ah! only English words! I've heard of a lot of kids refusing to speak the language their parents speak when in an English speaking country even though they can or they had been. For a while the boys understood way more Spanish than English but I think it's really starting to even out even though I still only speak to them in Spanish. The English influence is undeniable and everywhere. Not sure if we are heading down that track but if we do I'll definitely make sure they go to Spanish immersion Kindergarten.

We are definitely going into the developmental stage called 'normal negativism' because the boys say no a lot more now and will even say it when they mean yes, oh boy!

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nan cee said...

Interesting they always lay the figures in groups of three! Love the pictures of them watching the ER go by! They are sure growing and developing their own personality but they still all look alike to me.
Love to you all,