Friday, December 21, 2012

Tiger Monkey Monster

More from our fun week. The boys are missing their uncle Chance and aunt Janet, they were lavished with love and attention!

TEC, in their super cute sweaters from aunt Janet and uncle Chance : ) Thomas is the tiger because it starts with the letter T, Eli is the monkey because he's so silly, and Caleb is the monster because Caleb is always monsters. It just fits.  
this is one of my favorite spots to photograph the boys. Such bright and fun colors but we need to figure out the lighting (maybe uncle Garret can help us out next time he's in the US : )  
Caleb looking so big to me!
Loving their shiny new Tonka dump trucks, thank you J&C!  
T making a cheeky face
Group shot, love the silly look on Eli's face (right)
Caleb's crazy hair
Our friends K & Oz watched the boys for us and Janet & Chance took us out to eat at our fav tapas restaurant : )  
It snowed a few days ago and it wasn't sticking at our house but when we got to the children's museum (a couple hundred feet up) it was! 
ECT, photo cred: a lot of these pics were taken by aunt Janet
a rare family pic

A few hours before we had to say good bye! We miss you : )


nan cee said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit with chance and Janet. I am happy for you that they come so often to visit and spoil those precious boys! Love the pitures.
My love to you all,

mary said...

Love the family pic! Beautiful fam!!!