Monday, February 11, 2013


Multnomah Falls: Fun Saturday in the Columbia River Gorge
The boys were pretty impressed this time around, they all started yelling 'agua agua!' as soon as they saw the waterfall  
Caleb got a kiss from a 2 mo old puppy : )
BEST DAY EVER! Train up close, the day couldn't get any better,
the boys kept waving and saying 'bye choo choo, bye choo choo' : )  
Since they love talking about M&M's we thought we'd treat them to their very first M&M's! 
One bag doesn't go very far when you have to split it three ways!
That might be a good thing though : ) 
ETC, do you remember this bench?
CET, last time we were here, around 9 month old!
Hard to believe they've become these big boys!
CET, how did I ever live with all this cuteness without dying of cuteness overload!!!  
Bonneville Dam, no fishies going up the fish ladder behind the boys : (
From today's playtime at the indoor park : )
 So it's up to three different person's now that have asked me if those are my boys in 'that Sprint commercial,' apparently there is a set of id triplets that are or look like my boys on there. The commercial was seen on Spanish television and supposedly it's one of many pictures shown on the commercial. If it is us I'm sure it's not a picture from my blog since I watermark all my pics but am wondering, with all of Instagram's privacy policy changes if one of my pictures got ripped off from there? After spending an hour online watching Sprint commercials, I could not find said commercial (most are in English and only saw one in Spanish). I don't really care if it was used or not but I just want to know! I at least have a right to know, right? So crazy! If anyone out there has seen it please let me know what you think (is it us or not?).


nan cee said...

Nice comparison on the bench showing how much they have grown. For peace of mind I hope you can find out that the comercial is NOT our boys.
Love you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Oh my GOODNESS! They were so CUTE! Well, they still are ... but I hadn't looked at their baby pics in a long time. :)