Monday, February 25, 2013

Star Pupil (Potty Training Progress)

Eli has a new trick
Caleb can do it too : )

they look so different in this picture, am I the only one that see's it? 
Mr. T my star pupil!
Thomas has totally impressed me, he has made so much progress in just 4 short days. It's going better than I could have ever dreamed of! Day one he went in the potty more times than had accidents. Day two he had maybe two accidents tops and we made it to Target and back without incident. Day three ZERO accidents and he even woke up dry after a three hour nap! That day I took him to the grocery store without a problem and then went to meeting later in the day where he used the big potty with the ring adjuster so he doesn't fall in. Day 4 he had one accident but it was my fault. The boy LOVES peeing in the potty, he sit's down in the red potty to pee, when he's done he gets up to dump his pee in the toilet, then flushes. Many times he'll sit back down again but on the green potty and pee's again! Thomas has some serious bladder control and sometimes I don't even have to tell him it's time to go, he just jumps up and yells 'peepee, peepee' and I run after him to help him pull down his undies.

We are no where from done since he still wakes up wet from a full nights sleep and he has yet to poop in the potty. The biggest challenge right now is waking up before he gets up in the mornings (they wake up crazy early!). If he get's up first he'll most likely poop in his diaper and of course it's our only chance of the day to get him to poop in the potty (I feel he's holding back because they all poop 2-3 times a day). Any advice? Not sure what to expect with this one?

When either Caleb or Eli see's Thomas going they start pulling on their diapers because they want to try too which I never have the heart to say no to. I made a big deal once and told the boys to look at how much peepee Thomas had made and Thomas proudly took his pee over to his brothers to show them before he dumped it in the toilet. Eli several days would just sit there but nothing would come out but today he actually went! Caleb went each time I let him try so yesterday I threw him into the potty training ranks. He is not as easy as Thomas since it's a little challenging getting him to sit on the potty, he's at about 50/50, half of the time in the pot the other half is accidents but still not too bad.

Remember how I once said I'd throw them a party if they potty trained before 3? Well it looks like I better start planning! Can it be done, a cake made to look like a potty anyone?


Jessica said...

Maybe let them start a ceremonial diaper fire? :O)

Sara said...

Sounds like they are doing great, congratulations!

Pooping in the potty was a whole different deal for my kids. Even when they mastered peeing in the potty, and not having accidents, letting go seems to be tough. I tried all kinds of things with each kid, and I couldn't have predicted which would work. (So many things didn't work that i tried). Here are tips I read and used:

Catching him in the act of pooping is one, and taking him to "finish" on the potty. (Even if only a little ends up in the potty, big praise for getting it there).

Taking him and his full diaper to the bathroom, and showing him that you dump the poop into the potty. (Some kids are scared of having the poop fall into potty), then letting him flush.

Perhaps a promise of M&M's if he poops in the potty. (My kids got 1 M&M for peeing, 5 for pooping). We phased it out after they got it down.

My boys got peeing down really well first, accident free, and then the pooping took several weeks more. With daughter, she mastered at the same time.

Best wishes for as few accidents as possible! May you be more successful than I was:) I am sure someone has made a potty cake...oh yeah, they made one on Cake Boss for a plumber...hee hee

mary said...

Hooray! Congrats Thomas! And no bribery either? (no M&M'S?? I read how much your boys like them! Hehe!!)

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Thanks everyone! Sara, I will try those out...saw the potty cakes I think I can make a simple one : )

Jonalyn said...

I had to try bribery with my oldest ... if she pooped in the potty, we would take her to McDonald's for ice cream. That was a big deal to her, as we rarely went there.

I cannot wait to see a potty cake! You'll definitely have to post pictures of what you come up with. You may have to do it soon, as it sounds like the boys are doing great!

Jessica said...

Does a potty cake involve Tootsie Rolls? I made a kitty litter cake once for book study, it was quite a hit with the kids.