Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I ended up taking the boys to Spanish story time by myself to let Phil have more time to study. We had to leave a little prematurely on account of not being able to stop coughing, stupid cough. On our way back to the car the boys, out of the blue, decided to pose for me and I was in heaven snapping away!
CET, so happens they lined up in birth order!
I can add another one to my list of 'stupid things people say to me'...notice my reflection in the window, well there is a car behind us that had people in it but I hadn't noticed because I was busy taking pictures of my babies. This guy sticks his head out and says "are those triplets" I say yes they are, then he says "they must be great conversation starters." Yes, that's actually the only reason I keep them around so I can start conversations with creepy guys like you!
On any given day you can find Caleb wearing his Fireman hat and Mr. Potato head  glasses. As of recent he has added a tongue and my slippers to his costume...as if he didn't already look ridiculous!
Another creepy lego train by Eli
Transformed! With a #4 on top and #2 on the sides : ) I will miss that beautiful but uncontrollable baby soft hair running through my fingers, but that's the good thing about hair, it grows back!
As if they didn't fight enough already, they have now added 'pushing each others buttons for the shear pleasure of it' to the list of things they do. Notice how T has his foot on the track so as not to let E's train go by!
Gettin cozy with dad
Eli decided wearing his hat normal just wouldn't do : )
Like I mentioned above, Phil had to study for a test so we had a pretty low key weekend. Which was fine by me since I was sick. We gave the boys haircuts and to get them to cooperate this time we put on a cartoon for them to watch and slowly fed them M&M's. It worked pretty well and nobody fussed too bad especially because the boys are now M&M addicts. Not that they get them everyday or anything but they do ask for them a lot. At any mention of them they put their little hands out and very demanding-ly say "M&M!" The power of candy is evident, like nothing else! I will be using this to my advantage, hahaha (insert mad scientist laugh)!

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mary said...

Super cute haircuts. They actually look younger with short hair.