Friday, February 8, 2013

Hermit Crabs

The boys love to use things for unintended purposes, for example, they ride on their Tonka trucks. Their giant cloth diaper butts are way too big for it but somehow they manage to squeeze in there. They are quite limber in those things they scoot all over the house in them and even spin donuts at lighting fast speeds. I can't help but think they look like hermit crabs on crack in them!

Fire chief hermit crab (Caleb)
C again
The gang
The other day at the park Caleb thought 45 degrees was too hot for shoes...crazy Oregonians! 
CTE, at the children's museum

Thomas has deemed red as his favorite color, if red is a choice we'll undoubtedly choose it! We must let him choose first or we'll be in trouble, thank goodness the other two could care less! Eli on the other hand seems to have laid off the yellow, but if anyone asks I still say his fav color is yellow : )

It must be a part of the terrible two's but Thomas lately has become super particular. Only mom can change his diaper and clothes, if he must hold hands with someone it can only be dad's, dad can put him in the car but only mom can buckle him up, etc etc etc. Down right ridiculous!

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nan cee said...

How fun squeezing in on a little truck to ride around the house! They are so cute!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy