Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Off to the zoo to meet Lily!

Eating lunch while waiting for our friend K to arrive
TCE and buddy Oz
T doing his cheeky handsome look

We finally got to see her, soooo stinking cute! 

one of the boys favorite spots at the zoo, the photo booth area, weirdo's! 
TCE, Caleb pointing into the air after hearing the lion roar (a recording you hear as you go into the lion area) 
The wagon had no problem with all four boys in it!
Oz didn't look too comfortable but at least he was having fun : ) 
T taking the boys for a ride
We've been waiting and waiting to see the new baby elephant Lily. We went two weeks after they started letting the public see her but the line was an hour long! So over a month later here we are again, and what happens? We see her but she's sleeping! Argh! So we let the kids play in the lawn for a while and check back to see Lily up and going, she is too sweet! I love her : ) 

Congregation Fiesta!

The boys had a lot of fun and did a little dancing
Eli did some break dancing
Caleb and I
Eli eating his drumstick like a man!
Someone (I have no idea who) gave Eli a drumstick, come to find out the boy LOVES chicken! 
This picture is blurry because it's a picture of Caleb's dreams!


Jessica said...

Baby elephant, you got to see a baby elephant??? I have a trunk full of envy.

nan cee said...

Looks like everyone had a good time at the zoo the get together! Lily looks so tiny for an elephant. Nice pictures and they are all appreciated. Your posting help me to see how the boys are growing and makes me feel like I really know them even though I have never met them yet.
Love to you all,
A. Nancy