Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cali Trip pt 1

Sorry for the brief hiatus, I haven't had any down time (which is a good thing!) and am just today opening up my laptop to dump all the pictures from my phone and camera. There are a ton already so here are a few cute ones from the first couple of days. 

Superhero Caleb
Super hero Thomas
Super hero Eli
Got to meet the latest addition to the family.
Me, my sister, my cousin, and my cousin's 3 week old baby.
Not the best picture of us but at least we are all together!
My aunt came over and made 90 empanadas, I probably gained 5lbs that day!
And probably 10lbs so far, we've been eating sooo good : )
Cool dude Caleb or Thomas
(I'm not sure the exact identity, I remember this being Thomas but the orange bike is Caleb's)
Eli making hotwheel ice cubes!
WARNING: Eating apple sauce out of the lid with a straw can be dangerous, helmets are recommended.
You'll notice an abundance of pictures of the boys on their bikes over the next few posts. Bringing them was the best idea I've had since deciding to buy them, all they want to do is ride them! The weather down here is perfect right now and I'm so glad we came this time of year. We're having a blast and hopefully I can post again in a couple of days : )

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mary said...

Love the coordinating superhero (superman, spiderman, batman) shirts. You always dress your men so adorably!!!!!

Those empanadas look delicious.