Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Flashback!

This video depicts why the boys, who were born at exactly 34 weeks, could not come home right away. This is day two of life and the boys had only had an iv in to keep them hydrated so it was time to get them eating. For the first few days once feedings had commenced the boys were fed 20 ml (that a little more than half and ounce) every three hours. And as you will see it kind of went like this most days and wouldn't even finish half their bottles! I question the term 'learning how to eat' as is often used and think the time in the NICU was spent catching up developmentally so they could nourish them selves sufficiently via a bottle (as we all know the breast came much later). They came home drinking 30 ml every three hours and it took them 20 minutes to drink it and hence why we got such little time to sleep! At this age you could not feed all three at once if one person was doing the feedings : (

So anyways prepare for some serious cuteness as mama Sue attempts to give Caleb his first bottle (sadly I had to miss this since I was too weak to get out of bed that day). WARNING: Those with feeble health need not watch, it may induce a cuteness over load!


nan cee said...

Oh what precious memories!
Love you guys,

mary said...

So So precious.
Makes you wanna have more babies, doesn't it?

Jonalyn said...

So cute!