Monday, April 8, 2013

Imaginary M&M's

Didn't I tell you that Caleb loves his kitties : )
I must add, what a handsome boy I have!
KH basement play time to get our wiggles out!
What we caught Eli doing while doing his business in the bathroom.
The boy has the Bible out!
Caleb came to see what all the fuss is about
I thought it a shame that we can't do something out side when it's raining and not too cold.
So I made a little porch sandbox/mini construction site!

So Caleb if you all remember was the only one I had to bribe to get him to use the potty. Well it's been over 2 weeks since I weaned him off of it and so now every time he uses the bathroom he gives himself imaginary m&m's. It's too funny to see him say "m&m" and then grab at the air and put the imaginary m&m in his mouth!

I've been noticing Caleb's pretend play lasting longer and longer these days. He's been playing with his wooden fire truck a lot and he'll move the firemen up and down the ladder and have them put out fires. It's so cute to watch and I think more intense pretend play is just around the corner for these guys. I can't wait and can even see myself joining in on their fun!

As you saw in the pictures above Eli has been "reading" books as he does his morning business in the bathroom. He likes refiling though our bookshelf that's near the bathroom and picks out something to "read." I must adds that this bookshelf is filled with either Bible literature or Phil and I's old college textbooks (which I'm not sure why we still keep around we surely need the space!). He'll go back and forth several times getting different stuff before he's said and done in the bathroom. He's been spending almost 20 minutes in the bathroom some days!

Recently I filled out a 30 month (2.5yrs) ASQ to track the boys development since it was mandatory for the boys nursery school program. In almost every category, except speech of course, the boys scored ahead of the curve! In fact one of the questions asks "can your child point to at least 7 different body parts?" I immediately marked off 'yes' but then I thought about it and said to my self "they can do it in both Spanish and English!" I have some smart boys, most American adults can't do that!


mary said...

The mini construction site idea is fantastic. Your ingenuity is awesome.

And your boys are geniuses!

nan cee said...

I can just see Caleb with the pretend M&M's. How funny! Sounds like just keep getting more and more advanced in their learning and growing up. Keep up the good parenting!
Love you all,

Jonalyn said...

I love the pretend M&Ms! How funny!