Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Historic Fire Station Tour

C found the ax
T is the standing firefighter
I could not get Caleb out of the Firetruck cabin, you'll see why in the next pic
The windows are actually screens showing real footage of firefighters responding to calls in Portland
(anyone recognize the turnabout?)
This is when I finally convinced Caleb to get out after spending most of the time inside
See Caleb, there are other fun things to see and do!

all the boys were pro's at sliding down the pole
me and my boys!
Mr. T looking like a little man : )
My mom and sister flew in yesterday to help me with the drive down to Cali (yes I know they are crazy and I told them so). Phil will join us next week since he can't take too much time off because of his new job. We are hoping to make the drive down all in one go, I'm very nervous about it since the boys are newly potty trained and aren't good car travelers! Perhaps as you are reading this we might be somewhere along I-5 right now or better yet at our final destination! The car is loaded mostly with the boys stuff and I packed all my light sweaters so I think we're all set, SF Bay Area here we come!

Will report back in a couple of days : )


Jonalyn said...

What a fun field trip you had! Well, I hope you have some sort of portable potty with you. Though with boys I imagine it's easier to just wee on the side of the road if necessary. :)

mary said...

Wow, have fun! I wish you safe travels and only a few or hopefully zero poopoo accidents!