Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dozer Day 2013

Dozer Day is a charity event where kids get to "drive" heavy construction equipment. It is sure to satisfy any truck obsessed little boy's (or girl's) dreams!
Eli and dad waiting in line
"There are trucks as far as I can see!"
Mr. T
Mr T was very photogenic this day, as you can tell by all the pics we have of him on this post : )
To pass time, while we waited in line, the boys collected rocks into their hats and would dump them our periodically.
It was a trend started by one of my boys and spread like wild fire, all the kids around us started doing the same : )
It's T's turn!
 I thought Phil or I would have to carry them there or worse, be too scared to ride at all after waiting for so long!
What big brave boys!
Riding the "dig dig," I put a close up of Thomas' face because I like his expression : )
We took video clips of the other two boys so I only have pics of Thomas on it. 
Riding a DUMP TRUCK! (notice the people next to us realizing we have triplets)
This picture is really cute, too bad it's so over exposed : (
Cement mixer
rockin' all our construction shirts
With my boys : )
If you don't already know, the boys are REALLY obsessed with trucks or anything with a motor for that matter. Typical boys right? Once I heard of Dozer Day I couldn't wait to take the boys. It was pretty awesome but the place was packed out with other little truck affection-ados and the lines were really long. So hoping the boys are more patient next year and can ride on more trucks next time.


nan cee said...

What great little tuckers! Love the pictures!
Love you all too,

Jonalyn said...

Where is that?? I have a little girl who would LOVE to go! Well, next year probably, as I'm sure it's over with now. :)