Friday, May 31, 2013

Hiking (2yrs+8mo!)

CET 2 yrs + 8 mo old!
(Eli and Thomas are saying 'cheese' which I guess doesn't necessarily produce a smile)
I'm gonna getcha!
 FYI I uploaded 3 more pictures onto my last post in case anyone is interested, I forgot to include them in the original post : )

Here are more pictures from our super fun weekend...
We told the boys we were "hiking" so they all started chanting "iking, iking, iking!"
We decided to check out the Columbia River Gorge from the Washington side then loop around to the Oregon side on the way back.
We got to see some of the same scenes from a different angle and they were spectacular!
Thomas (top) and Caleb looking glamorous!
The boys really enjoyed Aaron and Jonny's visit!
Other than a few sprinkles here and there the rain held out for us most of the day : )
We decided to hike up a short trail but turned around 1/3rd of the way up because it was too scary with the boys in tow. You can see the trail in the corner, scary! I'm sure the view was even better up top!
We found a cute playground to eat lunch at.
At Multn. Falls

The boys were weighed and measured exactly on their mirthday:
Caleb        26.0 lbs, 34.5 inches
Eli             25.0 lbs, 34 inches
Thomas     26.0 lbs, 34.5 inches
Not totally out of the normal but a bit of a coincidence that they were all exactly 26 or 25 lbs! And that Caleb and Thomas are exactly the same weight and height! Even for identical triplets they are freakishly alike (except in looks, says I).

In other news Eli has been demonstrating his counting skills and has been counting everything he sees. He says a few numbers but mostly he shows me with his fingers. He's so cute and smart : )

We all have pesky colds right now so we are looking forward to a low key weekend and especially because Phil has his last and final test on Sunday! Looks like I'll be planning another party soon : ) Have a good weekend everyone!


mary said...

This is a totally gross question but I have to ask if the identicalness of your boys goes with excretory habits (pee and poo) also?

My boys seem to always need to get on the can at the SAME TIME! Usually same shade of yellow (or brown) and quantity too! Talk about identical!

Nice photos. Oregon is pretty!

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Mary, how funny! I can't say their bm's are identical but they all tend to go in the morning just not at the same exact time : )

mary said...

Yep, one uses the downstairs toilet and the other uses the upstairs and both yell for me to wipe their bums at the same time. (Meanwhile baby is attached to my hip clamoring for attention. ) all i can say is that you are my hero. everytime i get overwhelmed i think of you and how you handle it all so well!