Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh Crap! #52-60

These go way back, as you can see by the long hair! Cozy up it's a long one... : )

Oh Crap! moment #52

I hate when they climb on to tables and for the most part I keep it under control. On a mental lapse I let it slide since it looked harmless and they were having so much fun jumping into the bounce thing. As soon as this happened I had to shut it down!

No one was hurt but really annoyed and lots of crying ensued until his brother got off of him!
Oh Crap! moment #53
This corner met Caleb's face
And that's after we warned him to stop driving his car so closely to the corner!
Oh Crap! moment #54
More random crap I've found in their mouths! It's a piece of a porcelain type lamp they broke and I guess I missed a piece when cleaning up the mess. Look at those sharp corners!
Oh Crap! moment #55
The dangerous stance we found T in. We quickly removed him from there but while we were doing that Caleb was on the other side doing something similar and fell. 
And there is Caleb post fall
Oh Crap! moment #56

Caleb would like to demonstrate why you should never trust a 2 year old with a bungy cord. 

I smelled a freak accident coming so I quickly took it away!
Oh Crap! moment #57
Here is evidence that Eli knows his lowercase alphabet, I mean how else could he bite such a perfectly marked 'e'!
Oh Crap! moment #58
We had just arrived in California on our last trip and the boys were busy playing in my mom's backyard. At one point Eli approaches me to tell me he had an accident of the poopy kind. Ok so I take him to the bathroom to clean him up, and it's a bad one. The kind that takes about 10 baby wipes and you still don't feel good about the clean up job. So I get the water going to give him a quick bath when I hear some commotion outside. As I finish up the job I walk out to find out the "little mess" the other two made as they were unattended a few minutes. Caleb and Thomas had gotten into the laundry room and poured out an entire bottle of bleach onto the floor. Their shoes and the lower part of their pants got covered in bleach and some sprinkled onto their shirts. They were caught just seconds after they had dumped it out and it was assessed that, THANK GOD no one had drank any! I didn't bother taking a picture or trying to salvage their pants, they were toast. But the shoes I quickly threw in the wash to try and stop the bleach from doing further damage. The other two also got impromptu baths. Naturally I was very upset that they had ruined perfectly good shoes that I really liked! After my cousin suggested it, I went out an bought a fabric marker and colored the bleach spots. I did a pretty good job because you can't hardly tell what happened to them : )
the before picture (sorry no after picture, just trust me, they look good)

Oh Crap! moment #59
So the park around the corner from Phil's parents house has a really big concrete slide. When I lived in Davis and was dating Phil he'd once or twice suggested we go down it. I always thought ok maybe but then when I'd get to the top I quickly would chicken out because I hate thrill rides. My whole childhood I was tormented by the fact that I hated any type roller coaster or ride that drops. Ugh I hate that feeling! Field trips to Great America or Knotts Berry Farms were always a downer as my friends happily rode on them and I'd be at the bottom waiting for them and not having a very fun time. Years later as an adult I've come to terms with my fear or maybe you can say I've embraced it. "So what if I don't like those stupid things and I'm not going to torture myself over it anymore!" Meaning I'm not going to try and muster up the courage and go on one every 5 years and scare the crap out of myself so badly that it takes another 5 years get myself to try it again. 

Ok so back to the park, Phil gets a piece of cardboard and down he goes as the boys watch him from below. Of course they all want to go on it. I'm naturally very apprehensive about it but eventually I give in because it doesn't seem too dangerous and after all I'm the scaredy cat so I figure most people would think it's safe. Phil starts giving everyone turns and they are loving it but he can't keep up with the demands so he urges me to try it so I too can give the boys rides on it. Curses! I'm pressured yet again and since I do everything I can to please my children I say, "ok let me try it first so I'm comfortable and then I'll take a kid with me." I get up there and quickly I say, "no never mind I don't want to do it!" But Phil is down there egging me on and I'm thinking it looks too scary. Then Phil's aunt, who was with us, tells me the words of comfort I needed to hear "it looks steep but when you are on it it really doesn't feel like you are going that fast." Since it's concrete I figure yeah there's probably lots of friction so you must not be able to go that fast. So I let go and down I go. It's fine the first 1.5 seconds and then it picks up a notch and I'm going down faster than ever. I start screaming at the top of my lungs and want to bail sooooo bad but I know it will be much much worse if I do. I'm wearing short sleeves, shorts and flipflops so I think of all the scabbed up flesh and possible broken bones if I bail so I just hold on tighter than ever and keep screaming till I get to the bottom. Which took approximately 10 minutes!

NEVER AGAIN!!! Oh crap!!! I can't believe my little boys were on such a frightful thing. NEVER AGAIN will they ride that thing until they are like 12 years old!!!
The view from the bottom, not so menacing right?
The view from the top, scary right!? And Phil used to ride his bike down it as a kid!!!
My precious boys, they look terrified but believe me, they couldn't get enough!
Oh Crap! moment #60
Thomas has had a death wish lately. The boy has had so many falls and injury's lately that I wonder if he isn't going through a growth spurt that's making him more clumsy or something (which I've heard could happen?). 
here he got his first scraped chin
his first bloody nose when he fell off the couch face first
Then there's the time he fell off of a bench at the indoor park, bam right on his head! 

Just two nights ago, I realized he had crawled into bed with us when we heard a crash proceeded by crying because he had fallen off the bed!

And this one takes the cake. So you know the boys love cutting paper with scissors, possibly one of their favorite activities. On this particular day we failed to put the scissors away after they were done cutting paper. Later that day we were all outside preparing a plot of dirt while Phil went to Lowe's to pick up some sod to lay on that plot. The back door was wide open and Thomas snuck off back into the house, after about a minute I hear him crying and I look into the house. Thomas is holding his hand and has blood running down his hand and onto the floor. I run over and apply pressure to his finger while I ask him what happened. He tell's me the scissors did it. I hadn't gotten a good look at the cut because of the blood so after a solid 2 minutes I take the tissue off of it to see if the bleeding had stopped. It looked like someone had scooped a chunk of skin out of the tip of his finger. And no, the bleeding had not stopped so I continue to apply pressure. I wait another 2 minutes and check again. Nope still bleeding, where the heck is Phil, he should be back already! I'm getting nervous because I can't let go of Thomas' finger and the other two are still outside unattended. As best I could I pick up Thomas and we walk outside so I can get my phone and tell the other two to get inside. As I'm calling Phil I see him pull up. I tell him to call the pediatrician and ask them what we should do. They tell us to take a picture of it and email it to them so they can better know what's going on. I can't get a good picture of it because the bleeding distorts the view of the wound. But whatever, I proceed to try and email it when Phil announces that the bleeding has stopped. Huge sigh of relief! I rinse off the cut and put some Neosporin on it and a band aid. The nurse calls us back and we tell her the bleeding has stopped and she tells us they start to worry if the bleeding doesn't stop after 10 minutes and I'm pretty sure we were very close to 10 minutes!

I later found the scissors along with his skin, how do you cut off such a big chunk!
The boy must have a delayed sense of pain!
close up, you can see the fingerprints!

The picture I took to send to the nurse
One day later, the hole has filled out. 
Post four days and it's just a tiny little scab, kids sure do heal fast! Thomas has been really careful with his wounded finger. The first day he didn't use that hand at all and the next he used it very gingerly. By day three he was totally fine but still had a band aid on it. Yesterday I noticed his band aid was missing and he was playing with some gravel just fine. I grabbed his hand to look at it and thought maybe he could go on now with out a band aid but then that's when he noticed it was gone and could do nothing else until he had one on again. My poor baby, I hope this accident prone streak is over!


nan cee said...

Oh my goodness! You have been busy with entertaining, taking chances, mothering, nursing, and consoling wounded little boys. And, you are doing a good job through it all. Boys will be boys and I guess you can say three times for emphasis on your part.
I love you all,

Jonalyn said...

First, let me say I see what you mean about keeping pants on the kids. And oh my goodness, I can't believe Thomas' finger! He really did a number on it. Glad it's all healed now.

Christine said...

You have been busy, or should I say the boys have been busy keeping you on your toes. Here is a little trick to stop bleeding. It may sting a little bit but it works great. Pour cayenne pepper on open wound. something in the pepper clots the blood. I had to do this the other day when I was trimming the dogs nails and I got one too short.
Miss you guys.
Our district convention is 24th - 26 in Portland. Maybe we can get together.