Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mississippi Pizza!

We had quite the FUNtastic weekend, not only did we have friends visiting but we also had our potty party! We have lots of good pictures so I'll have to cover the weekends proceeding over three separate blog posts. Friday night we all went out to my favorite pizza place in Portland, it's the most perfect place to take toddlers because of the fact that they serve one of the most kid friendly meals, PIZZA! And because they have live music to entertain and mask any screaming or tantrums that might happen. Thankfully no one even got a smidge upset, the boys had a great time!

As a side note, I realize that today the boys turn 2yrs and 8mo old but I forgot to take a picture. I'll try to take it tomorrow since we've had a busy morning : )

Dad and Caleb with the all too common hand in the mouth, are we reverting back to 4 months old! 
Eli, you can't see it because I cropped the picture but I'm holding down his hand because he had it in his mouth, what the heck! Why won't they stop doing that! (ok so they don't always have a hand in the mouth, just when I want to take a picture!)
Thomas eating raisins and waiting like a good boy for the pizza : )
I taught the boys to eat their pizza like this since it's less messy and easier than trying to pick it up : )
Doesn't that pizza make your mouth water!
Bravo! Bravo! Caleb loves the music!
Caleb playing with our friend Johnny
A slice of sausage, artichoke, & sundried tomatoes anyone?
Checking out the band
Decided to get a closer look
Eli was inspired to play his guitar
The boys started a dancing circle with a little boy who befriended them : )
For being such good boys we went out for ice cream!
Next post, the potty party!....


Da young Neun said...

What a great restaurant! :)

nan cee said...

Pizza looks good and the boys look like they enjoy everything right down to the band and the dancing.
Love you all,
A. Nancy

mary said...

Maybe they are growing their two year molars? That could explain hands in mouth. or i guess they would already have them by now. Hmm.

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Mary you have a good point, I didn't even know about 2yr molars! I guess I stop reading all the milestone books somewhere around 18mo, ha! I will do some peeking in their mouths to see : )