Friday, May 10, 2013

Train museum

These are the last pics from our Cali Trip, we are at Phil's parents house in Davis...

Piano pictures never get old!
Eli makin muzak!
CET, pretty guys!
Story time with cousin Korina : )
Is that Thomas under there?!
Train museum with papa Ed and mama Sue
I can get them to hold hands again!
Can you tell he likes trains?
The boys promised to be good at meetings if we got them each a brief case like this.
I don't believe it for a second!
In heaven!
Thomas and papa Ed
Of course Caleb found the firetruck train : )
It's tradition to get candy when in Old Sac (especially bc we can validate parking with it).
Eli here picked some random chocolate candy that I've never heard of.
Thomas picked a watermelon slice.
Can't remember what Caleb got but I think he was disappointed.
So tired after ogling all those trains!
Mr. T looking as handsome as ever next to dad's old new bike
that we hauled all the way back to PDX on the roof of our car, yikes!
We didn't have a lot of time in Davis on this trip but I made sure to take the boys to the train museum in Sacramento. It is really impressive and the boys really loved it! I'm sure if we lived in town we'd have a membership there : )

We are settling back into our old routines and I'm especially glad we are back to our old potty routines. Not gonna lie, it probably wasn't a good idea to take such a big trip with THREE freshly potty trained boys (they are about two months out). Initially there were lots of pee accidents but those quickly went away to almost less than back at home. Disgustingly enough we had way too many poop accidents on this trip from Eli and Thomas. Caleb surprisingly had maybe one if any at all and in fact he surprised us on the way home when he started complaining and saying 'caca caca' so we pulled over at the nearest exist and sat him on his potty. Sure enough, he made a big ol' poop! Impressive, especially if you remember that he was the last one to potty train and that they aren't that great at telling me when they need to go (at home they just go on their own when the need to). Anyways looking forward to the weekend with service and lots and lots of much needed yard work! It's been beautiful here and it already feels like summer, hope it's nice were you are. Have a fun weekend everyone! : )


nan cee said...

Glad you all had a great time and arrived back home safely. Good memories to hold on to!
Love to you all,

Sara said...

Love the train pictures with Grandma and Grandpa