Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Hallow 2013

Caleb and T (bellow) were not scared to ride the carousel like last year, yay!
T and my mom, E chose a bench seat with my sister tightly hugging him, what a scaredy cat!
C is such an animal lover, it's so obvious too!
E brushing a goat
After playing in the crooked house for more than an hour, and by play I mean going up the stairs and down the slide like a million times!
Lady bug ride!
Can you tell who is who? Look for the clue : )

This place is called Happy Hallow Park & Zoo but admittedly we skipped all the animals, except the goats of course. We took advantage of the free kiddie rides since we go the the zoo quite regularly in Portland. Now that the boys are a little older they enjoyed the park so much more, I can imagine next year will be even funner!


mary said...

Thomas. caleb. eli. the highlighted letter order on the shirts!

The bespectacled ladybug is a hoot!!

nan cee said...

Nope, I can't tell them apart and couldn't find the clue! Looks like a great time is being had!
Love you all,

Jessica said...

What is it with your visits to California always coinciding with record heat waves? Please consider coming in January! :O)