Friday, June 28, 2013

2yrs + 9mo!

2 years and nine months old!
Played the gummy bear song for them and they all started dancing : )

Who says doing your business has to be boring : )
Caleb pointing to the letters on the Altoids tin
Pee/m&m break at our first movie!

I can't believe the boys will be three in three short months! The time will fly by I'm sure, especially since we'll be so busy soaking up summer. Portland summers are the BEST, stays green and warm, not too hot and not too cold : )

The boys are making leaps and bounds, I must say we might finally be at a real speech explosion. Even though sentences are close you really can have a conversation with them (albeit very primitive). They are sooo much more agreeable to trying to say stuff when you ask them to and new words and phrases are not just appearing out of the blue but rather because we've worked on it. Their articulation is getting better too so I think it's getting easier for others to understand them. And to my chagrin they are adding lots more Spanish too!

On the last rainy day of the season (I'm hoping) I took the boys to $1 movies. It was their very first time going to a movie theater and we saw Ice Age. I wish I could have taken pictures of them because it was so cute, they were just in awe of the huge screen. I took a picture in the lobby when we went on a pee break so that's the only evidence I have of this experience : (

I keep forgetting to write about this but for the last several months Eli and Thomas have had a bad case of mommy-itis, it's that infection where kids ONLY want their moms to do stuff for them! Its their only infection to date, and it's too bad there is not antibiotic for it because it's terribly frustrating! I hope it's over soon because I'm working overtime since Phil is not allowed to get them down from their booster seats or dress them or brush their teeth or buckle them into their car seats or I could go on and on... As we've said for quite some time now, thank goodness for Caleb! He is so easy going and if it wasn't for him I don't know what I'd do.

The boys have been working on real puzzles lately, 12 piece and 24 piece ones. These are pretty challenging but they really like them. They've been needing a little assistance with them but now Caleb can do the 12 piece ones all by himself!

The other day I read of cool new-to-me factiods about multiples that I thought were interesting enough to share. The first one is that identical multiples exhibit almost identical brain wave patterns. I'm not sure exactly what that means but it sure sounds cool!

The other one was that if the boys have children of their own, those kids will be genetically half brothers or sisters! Even though legally they are considered cousins. Or if the boys married another set of identical triplets their kids would be genetically full siblings! Crazy right, but I sure do hope they don't go that route, it's just too much craziness to handle : )


Jonalyn said...

How awesome they like puzzles!

Da young Neun said...

OMG their kids would be more siblings than cousins?