Monday, September 30, 2013

West Coast Sunset (3yr Pics!)

I was gonna do a Rockaway Day 3 post but after looking at the pictures for that day they weren't very impressive. I think we were all pictured out by day 3! Let me sum it up by saying it was a fantastic mini vacation by the beach. So as promised, this is the best of the best of our 3 year photo-shoot from day 1 of our vacation : )

2 Caleb
3 Eli
4 Thomas
5 CET in birth order of course!
6 TEC looking at the beautiful sunset : )
7 ring around the rosie
9 more ring around the rosie
10 not sure why but the boys called this game 'motorcycle'
11 motorcycle is so fun!
12 with a couple of my boys : )
I hope everyone liked them as much as I do, I already have several of these printed and up on my walls! The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach and that's probably why they were so happy and cooperative for this shoot. And it didn't hurt that I can bribe them now too, 5 cinnamon mints was a well earned reward!

I labeled the pictures 1-12 so if anybody wants an un-watermarked picture leave a comment, call, text or email me which ones you want. I can email them to you right away but if you want them printed and mailed I can get them out to you within the next month or two : )


nan cee said...

GREAT pictures. Looks like they love the water and the sand!
My love to you all,

Sara 诗媛 said...

Great pictures

mary said...

Love all of the pictures in this beach set! Handsome as always.