Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoo Train

Lately we've been going to the zoo a lot, mostly just to ride on the train. When we get to the zoo we check out a few animals then jump on the train and get off at Washington park. After hanging out at the playground or the rose garden we ride the train back to the zoo. I guess you can say we're taking advantage of the boys being able to ride free since they are still under 3. Pretty soon the train will be a once a year thing, ha! We might have to get one more ride out of it when mama Sue and papa Ed visit next week : )

All aboard!
The train is no less exciting on the third time as it was the first time!

Pops and C
The zoo sure does tire a boy out!
Two days later we went hiking in Forest Park with fresh haircuts!
TEC looking mischievous
They don't call it stumptown for nothing : )
goin up!
Caleb just got too tuckered out!


Jessica said...

Ants on a log!

nan cee said...

It is hard to believe the boys will be 3 this month. Love looking mischievous picture, they all have the same expression! I love their drawings! Now that I am finally back home again, but still getting therapy, I got caught up on your posting this morning.
Love to you all,

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Happy to hear you are on the mend Nancy! You are in our thoughts and prayers : )