Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bracing For Impact!

They say three is worse than two. I was reluctant to believe it at first because I just didn't want to believe this terrible truth. Well, I've become a believer now. The two's have proven difficult and the last couple of months the boys have become even more stubborn, opinionated and impulsive. As if they weren't enough work already! At the beginning I never thought about what two or three would be like because I honestly never thought we'd live past those sleepless foggy newborn days that are now ironically, long gone...

Oh my, oh my, today we have three three year olds and they say three is worse than two, all I can really do is brace for impact!

Enjoy this little age progression video I compiled : ) ...back to vimeo since you tube wasn't cooperating last night

Age progression to 3 yrs from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.


Myra 米兰 said...

Great Video! So cute! THREE!!! Next week it's Elliot's turn!

nan cee said...

Nice review as they grew to THREE.
Hard to believe that are three already!
Love to you all,

Jessica said...

I had a really weird dream about your kids. They were really short but wore man sized dress shoes. But the shoes fit because they had enormous feet for their age.

BJFu China said...

What a bunch of cuties!

mary said...

three 3 year olds, oh my, oh my! OH MY! happy belated bday dudes!

yes, age 3 was more difficult than age 2. I didnt believe it either, until it happened to me (and I only had two 3 yr olds!)