Monday, September 2, 2013

Playing Dress Up

The boys sure had fun playing dress up with these costumes! They chased each other around like I've never seen before. They got so riled up that when naptime came it took them 2 hrs to fall asleep! I think we need to play dress up more often because they had so much fun doing it, but perhaps we'll do it post naptime next time : )
T the lobster man


Caleb and I went on a donut date after dinner one night : )
Caleb shows you which donut he got!
Getting one on one time with the boys is a challenge but we are trying harder, especially now that they are older, you can tell just how much they LOVE it. They get so giddy and feel so special, it's really cute to see. It's funny, the boys, when they are together, can cause a heap of trouble. But when they are by themselves they are seriously the BEST behaved children you ever did see! What a weird phenomenon?

Here is a cute video of our little date, Caleb surprises me with a random act of kindness...

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