Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weird Stuff

This post is all about the weird stuff that goes on here....

perhaps the weirdest picture I've ever posted?
1. Since the boys have been potty trained my house and life have been over taken by tiny underwear. Everywhere you look there is more than likely a pair of underwear. My whole day is consumed with putting underwear on, taking it off, and talking underwear politics with the boys. We have over 40 pairs of underwear and somehow we are always running out, it's usually what determines when it's time to do laundry again, the limiting factor. The boys still go to bed and naptime in diapers. In the morning the boys get up crazy early (6:30am) and they usually roam the house unattended while Phil and I squeeze a few more minutes of sleep. In that time they usually take off their diapers and if available will eat two weeks worth of string cheese or yogurt and ruin $5 dollars worth of produce (because a few bites out of three peaches doesn't constitute as "eating" to me). By the time we get out of bed we have three well fed children naked from the waist down. So begins the underwear politics:

"Eli, go put some underwear on"
2 minutes later..."Eli, go pick out some underwear"
2 minutes later, I go and get a pair of underwear
"Eli come here so I can put these underwear on you"
"No! brrm brrm"
"We are all out of cars underwear Eli"
Eli doesn't believe me so he runs to the bathroom to pick out underwear. After seeing there are no more cars themed underwear he picks out the next best thing. I put his underwear on for him.
REPEAT for the next two boys.
REPEAT for all three after naptime
REPEAT if someone dribbled on their underwear
REPEAT if someone suddenly realizes they don't like the pair they have on
REPEAT if someone spills water or milk on their undies
REPEAT if I find a turd in a potty, this means someone didn't tell me to wipe their butt, then I'm on a search for the boy with skids in his underwear

Underwear ends up in various places, often time I didn't see who took it off or why. I assume it's dirty unless I see why or when they took it off. So 40 pairs of underwear lasts us approximately three and a half days.

this is only about half of them

2. Caleb is the only one that prefers to put his own underwear on, but I think he just likes to wear them backwards so he doesn't want me messing him up. This results in one butt cheek always sticking out, we call it the signature Wibbies wedgie (his nick name is Wibbies, a derivative of Caywib)

3. I've stopped buying the boys toothbrushes because they never use them. When they were younger they were a little obsessed with tooth brushes, we'd often find them gnawing at a tooth brush only to see that it was either Phil's or my tooth brush (we went through many tooth brushes back then). We started hiding them but they'd always manage to find them. The tooth brush obsession is over now but they still refuse to use their own tooth brushes. When it's time to brush teeth, I ask each boy, "so which one do you want to use tonight, mommy's or papi's tooth brush?" They couldn't be happier.

5. There are only a handful of dreams I've had that I actually remember. For whatever reason I still remember this one vividly. I had it when I was still pregnant. So I'm sitting in a hospital room recovering from my c-section and remembering nothing of what happened previously. A nurse tells me she's bringing me my triplets. When she comes back she hands me three kittens that look just like my cat Pacha! If you already know my cat then you will agree with me when I tell you that she's CRAZY! (Unlike, my other sweet cat Lankston). So I'm sitting there looking at these three kittens thinking I don't hardly want my crazy cat Pacha let alone three more! I tell the nurse, "I thought I was having babies, I want babies not cats." I remember feeling greatly disappointed....and that was it, ha!

Lastly here is a little video of Eli being cute, not weird : )


nan cee said...

Looks like Eli has springs on his feet. He makes a good hopper!
Love you guys,

Aracely said...

Soo funny! I am picturing three Pachas gnawing at the ankles of every visitor that comes over. Ha ha..crazy cat! Funny dream! Love the video sweet little jumping Eli.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Another triplet mom here. Wherr did you get the big tube?
All the best,

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Kari, their speech teacher brought it over for the boys to play with. I have no idea where she got it from but it entertained my guys for hours : )