Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rockaway Day 2

The boys had so much excitement the first day that they amazingly enough slept in until 8am. The rain was holding out so we took a really long walk along the beach after breakfast...

Snuggling (torturing) my boy!
Still such little feet!

Chasing birds
Thomas loves his papi
Riding in the "boat" after the rain started up outside
Dad is so funny!
After our walk and pool session the boys took a nap. Then after nap we went to buy some fresh crabs and fish for dinner. The boys, apparently, do not have a taste for crab but they ate a truck load of albacore tuna or as the boys call it "agua nemo." We also watched Finding Nemo that night since it seemed appropriate : )


nan cee said...

The ocean is always a fun place to be! Walking the beach and watching waves, or chasing them. Looks like you all enjoyed it as much as I would had I been there with you.
Love to you all,

mary said...

love the pic of you and phil! CUTE!