Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sledding Take 2

Our friends Johnny and Aaron were visiting us from California this last week and one of the fun things we did with them was sledding. The boys loved having J&A to hang out with and were asking about them several days after they left : )
Along to the way we made a pit stop were Johnny ate the fateful blueberry donut that would ruin the second half of his day : (
Mt Hood looking beautiful : )
The boys weren't as into sledding this time around, maybe because the snow was very bumpy and it kind of hurt your bum going down. 
me and shmee

The boys favorite part was getting towed in the sled (please ignore the duct tape on Eli's boots, ha!)
Family pic!
We went out to dinner : )
This is what happens when you only get a 30 min nap in the car and you have a full day of excitement!

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nan cee said...

Love it when you dress the boys alike. They look so cute in these latest pictures. Looks like you really tuckered them out with the sledding!
My love to you all,