Friday, March 14, 2014


The boys and I live pretty exciting lives these days. Here is a summary of what we did yesterday so you can see for yourselves : )

Since we had no where to go today we had a lazy morning. We ate cereal for breakfast and the boys played with their trains. And I watched some of the Today Show while drinking my coffee.

Leaving nursery school the other day we found a large box of trains/tracks in the "free pile."
The boys have easily doubled their train collection, we probably have enough train stuff to make 6 boys happy!
After this we got dressed and went to the backyard where the boys "helped" me plant some more seeds for this years garden. Then the boys rode their bikes in the driveway and side walk in front of our house while I cleaned up a planter box full of weeds for my soon to be seedlings.
This was from the day before but you get the picture
After this it was snack time for all of us followed by an hour of preschool activities. The boys did a couple of cut & glue activities and traced letters. This worked up a hunger so we had lunch afterwards. Then we read a few books before I sent the boys to their room for nap time.
Preschool activities
As the boys napped I cleaned for about an hour and a half then had some 'me' time where I did some reading and cut my nails (exciting right?). The boys took a shorter nap than usual because today we have swimming lessons. So I woke the boys up, got them dressed and gave them a snack before heading out.
It was our last day!
We got back around 6 pm and normally I would start dinner but we have friends visiting so we all went out to pizza! 8:30 pm we start getting the boys ready for bed and lights go out at approximately 9:30 pm.

So you see life is pretty exciting when you have three three year olds, haha!

My stress level throughout the day is dynamic. If you measure stress from 1-10 (1 being hardly any stress at all and 10 being on the verge of going crazy) this is how Thursday went:

-Morning: boys are pretty good with only a handful of fights and a handful of freak outs (stress level 3)
-Directing the boys as they "help" me plant seeds (stress level 6)
-Riding bikes while everyone gets along (stress level 1)
-Preschool activities (stress level 5)
-Lunch, nobody eats anything so I eat by myself in peace (stress level 1)
-Nap time (stress level 1)
-Getting them out of the door and into the car for swim lessons (stress level 7)
-Dressing room at the pool (stress level 9)
-Out at dinner with extra adults on hand (stress level 5)
-Getting ready for bed (stress level 4)

-Pepper this in throughout the boys waking hours: fighting or freak outs/tantrums (stress level 10)

So it averages out to a stress level of 4.7, not bad I think but it's certainly way higher than before I had kids!


Da young Neun said...

hahaha 4.7 stress level. Pretty good for three 3 year old kids!

nan cee said...

I think it is great that you do so many things and go to so many places with the boys. Stress level? Hang in there, you will survive!
Love to you all,

Jonalyn said...

I am trying to figure out how you packed all that into one day! I can only imagine the stress level trying to get them changed to go swimming when they're all excited. :)