Friday, March 7, 2014

Yucky Butt

The boys play this game they call "yucky butt," usually they just run around pinching each others butts. We discourage it as much as possible, especially during bath time. The game lives on anyways, this day they came up with some thing a little different. Boys are gross, at least mine are...please tell me yours are too?!

Oven mitt, check!
Baby wipe, check!
There is a good reason that there are so few pictures on this blog post.
Soon after they started dropping their pants!
Phil got them to quit playing yucky butt by letting them paint with his good watercolors.
In the mean time I put the oven mitts in the wash!

1 comment:

Jonalyn said...

Listen I have heard stories … about how disgusting boys are. Allow me to say that right now I am thankful I only have one, and am totally enjoying hearing stories about your three!

Seriously, wish I had been there. That was hilarious.