Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3yrs & 9mo!

You all must be thinking that I died! Sorry for the hiatus but I assure you we are all well and fine. There has not been much down time since we've been in Cali for me to post anything. We are having a great time and I'll try to catch you up to at least the first few days here in California.
CET are 3 years and 9 months old!
Your all american triplets, heehee! They look so old timey : )
(this was actually taken in Portland before we left but I HAD to share this one)
We made it to San Jose in 13 hours and along the way we stopped at this park in Yreka where they had an old mine to explore.
The boys got world cup fever with Tio Temo after Mexico won their game earlier last week : )
Seeing as how California is in an unprecedented drought I couldn't bring myself to fill the pool any higher than this.
It didn't seem to bother the boys any : )
Cold Appetizer 1 of 3: Goat cheese stuffed blossoms with figs and peaches oh my! (explanation to come)
Warm Appetizer 1 of 3: lamb, mmmmm!
Phil and I enjoying a round of champagne with my cousins daughter Livy in the background showing off her muscles.
We got the treat of our life after my cousin invited us out to dinner.
My cousin and her man who is the Chef de Cuisine at Waterbar restaurant in downtown SF. We could have never afforded how much food we got so we are very grateful of the fine dining experience, we certainly left a generous tip!
After all the apps that were brought out to us my sister and I decided it was best to cancel one of the main dishes and share this one together. We couldn't even finish it we were soooo stuffed! Even though we passed on the desert menu there was still a treat brought out, we obliged : )
My sister and I
The Bay Bridge in San Francisco and our view from dinner!

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