Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jump Party!

I'm playing catch up so I'll have to go back a couple of weeks to fully document our California 2014 trip! My mom threw a party for all the family and since there are several littles she also rented a bouncy house. The boys showed their endless energy by jumping in it ALL DAY LONG!
So much energy!
Thomas and Caleb in the back
Triplets wielding axes in a bouncy house is never a good combination!
We had to bring in the law, this party was OUT OF CONTROL!
Eli told me "firemen no need love!" when I tried to give him kisses
cousin chubby cheeks
The boys thought their hollow plastic axes could break open the pinata, ha!
My mom, Caleb, Thomas, Phil, Eli, cousin Camila, cousin Mia, and cousin Sandra : )


Spring said...

Aren't bounce houses great! Our boys have just finally taken to them, they were skeptical the first few encounters, but now it's non stop jump jump jump!!!
Love those costumes/dress-up outfits too, so adorable!

Aracely said...

Eli was the best bouncer. He had perfect form. ha ha. Yes I think I was in the corner trying to escape being hacked on by the hachas(axes) in the 4th picture down. Manosos! he he... oh how they loved that bouncy house. I Remember they went looking for it in the morning... aww and it was already gone :(..cute papachitos.